Validating dates in access

They tend to think that every problem is solvable using regular expressions.On the other hand, there are also many people who try to avoid regular expressions at all cost.This seriously improves readability and therefore maintainability.

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This makes them act rather like subroutines within the pattern. No programming language can be maintainable that forbids white space, comments, subroutines, or alphanumeric identifiers. " where X is something that a different tool is better for (usually a parser).

A good example of this sort of “grammatical regex” can be found in this answer and this one. It is the standard using a hammer where you need a screwdriver problem.

When exploring regular expressions (otherwise known as Reg Ex-es), there are many individuals who seem to see regular expressions as the Holy Grail.

Something that looks so complicated - just must be the answer to any question.

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