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We then describe the main theoretical frameworks in which the low-energy constants may actually be varying and we focus on the unification mechanisms and the relations between the variation of different constants.To finish, we discuss the more speculative possibility of understanding their numerical values and the apparent fine-tuning that they confront us with.The light from stars can be Doppler shifted as well.

With either a blue or red Doppler shift, the entire spectrum of the star is shifted.We have found that stars generally follow one of two very different kinds of orbits around the galaxy, and these two types of orbits manifest themselves as different speeds.There are other subtle differences between these two groups of stars, which has become the basis of stellar population types.1 It is very easy to visualize the expansion of the universe as matter flying apart in space; so most books on the subject use the Doppler shift as the explanation of what is happening.This phenomenon occurs with all waves, such as sound waves from a car horn.If the horn of an approaching car is sounded, adjacent sound waves will be crammed closer together so that we encounter more waves per second than if the car were not moving with respect to us.

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